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Best Homemade cheap Gifts You Can Give On Teachers Day 2016

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Homemade Gifts Teachers Day 

In India,5th September is celebrated as teachers day as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by teachers to the society.5th September is the birthday of great teacher Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was well known for scholar and president  of India and above all a teacher.Teachers play a special role in child's life. Homemade Gifts you can give on Teachers This Teachers Day, help your child to communicate and show his respect and love  for his teacher with 6 Handmade Personalized Gift Ideas.Teacher’s day is a great occasion for celebrating and enjoying the relationship between teachers and students.

Homemade Gifts you can give on Teachers Day

Homemade Gifts you can give to Teachers : Now a day, it is celebrated with the big enthusiasm and joy in the schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions by both students and teachers.Teachers are given lots of wishes about long life from their students. In the modern time the celebration strategy of the teacher’s day has been standard. Students become so happy at this day and plan for the way of wishing their favorite teachers. Some students wish their favorite teachers by giving them gifts, greeting cards, pen, diaries, etc. Some students wish their teachers by sending them audio messages, emails, video messages.

    1.   Hand written cards
    Depend on you how large you want to make the card...though it is time consuming but the impact of it on teacher will be great. for sure they will love and praise you

    .Home Cooked Food or Sweet Dishes:
    Adults or children,everyone are fond of "Ghar ka khana"  try to make some sweet dishes for your favourite teachers on that day. such as badaam halwa, gazar ka halwa,  Phirni ,kheer etc

    3.  Fresh Flowers
    If it's a flowers or a person. nobody likes the fake/artificial things,  so don't just go to market and bring some bunch of ready made or artificial flowers.  Always go for the fresh and natural flowers, and make sure to make a bouquet of a cardboard paper.  you will have to give some little efforts  after all its a Teachers Day

    4. Adding Sparkles To Lives
    There are teachers who add sparkle to children's lives and give them immense happiness and can give any gift to your teacher and decorate it with sparkles and glitter. sparkles and glitter are easily available in any stationary shop. attach a handwritten note personally addressing the teacher with her name

    5. Sketch Of Your Favorite Teacher:
    OK well if you are very good in sketching or drawing part.  then do make a sketch of your favorite teacher , It will be the most  delightful and the best  gift  to your teacher.
    P.s- follow this point only if you are very good in sketching .

    6. home made handkerchief 
    If  you really want to present some cute and sweet gift ,then do  make a handkerchief, and written on it 
    "My Favorite Teacher". will be the most adorable and cute gift among all of the above .

    Teachers Day Homemade Gifts

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