Friday, 26 August 2016

{HD} Kajari Teej 3D Images Wallpaper Photos, Pics 2016 For Fb & Whatsapp

Kajari Teej 3D Images Wallpaper Photos, Pics 2016 For Fb & Whatsapp: Hello friends welcome in here and wish you happy kajari teej in advance. As we know this festival is quite famous in north and western states of India and is mainly celebrated by Indian married women’s. This day women’s and girls take fast for the husband and unmarried girls pray from god for there future husband should be like Lord Shiva whereas married women’s pray from God for there husband’s well being, bright future, and good health.

Kajari Teej 2016 3D Images For Whatsapp

Kajari Teej 2016 3D Images This year kajari teej is falling on 1st of September and is also known as kajali teej and badi teej. This festival is celebrated by women’s like any other previous year. This year also women’s celebrate this pious occasion with joy and happiness and together celebrate and perform on the traditional songs and dance on them. Women’s of neighbors also indulge together in order to celebrate the elegant festival and make the moment eternal. Women’s participate in the homes festival and apply the henna on there hands and feet.
Also girls capture the moments on the camera and make videos of the day. On this auspicious occasion women’s went to lord Shiva temple and pray there for sometime and wish for the good health of there husband. Applying henna on the hands is very auspicious that day.

Kajari Teej Pics 2016 For Fb & Whatsapp

Kajari Teej Pics 2016 For Fb & Whatsapp So on this day you can celebrate the festival with others by sending the images and animated pics photos and beautiful wallpapers to your kitty friends in watts app groups and also can tag to your family members in the Facebook. You can share these images with your friends and family relatives and celebrate this year with us. We have availed below the bests and the fresh images which you have not seen throughout the web. So start downloading or can copy down so as to wish your loved ones in the best way. You also can make those hd wallpapers as your desktop images and can make it as your mobile phone’s theme too. Here are the latest designs of kajari teej which are must to copy.

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Kajari Teej Pics 2016 For Fb

Kajari Teej Pics 2016 For Fb

Kajari Teej Pics 2016 For Fb

Kajari Teej Pics 2016 For Fb

Kajari Teej HD  Wallpaper Photos For Fb

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