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2016 Teachers Day Gift Ideas for Madam & Sir | Teachers Day Quotes Whatsapp

2016 Teachers Day Gift Ideas :2016 Teachers Day Gift Ideas Madam & Sir, Teachers Day Quotes Whatsapp best Teachers Day Status For Whatsapp FB.

2016 Teachers Day Gift Ideas for Madam

Hey friends !! wishing you all a very happy Teachers Day .Guys if you are searching for Teachers Day Gift Ideas for Teachers 2016 (Madam & Sir ) Quotes then you are on right site.Teachers’ day is observed to pay respect to the teachers of our country. We also pay our respect to our own teachers.
Teachers are regarded as the back bone of our society. They have the greatest contribution to build up the characters of students and help them to become ideal citizens of our country.Teachers’ Day is an occasion to pay reverence and gratitude to teachers for their selfless effort in shaping their career and enriching the education system in the process.The teachers teach students most carefully and sincerely and love them as their own children.

Teachers Day Gift Ideas for Sir 2016

We owe them more than our parents. Our parents bring us up and give us food and drink for our survival but teachers arouse our hearts with light of knowledge and remove all sorts of ignorance.Get the best idea offers from snampdeal.com,paytm.com,mantras.com and many other and get the more details here from the site.
Teachers Day Gift Ideas for Teachers 2016
Get the best idea offer here from other website and send this to your teachrs and every respected teacher of your life.There are many dimensions to education , which underline the importance of education in national development . The actual effect of education as knowledge , knowledge is aspiring teachers. All three are dependent on one another . Not exist without each other .

2016 Teachers Day Quotes Whatsapp

The education system, governing management unit names new thing to joining the administration as education has become a business . Teaching in the country ‘s business can be seen as a modern phenomenon .So How important is teachers for us in our life to give us a wright direction for our Future.
Jeevan ke har andhere me
Roshani dikhatey hai aap
Band ho jate h jab sare darwaje
Naya rasta dikhate hain aap,
Sirf kitaabi gyaan hi nahi
Jeevan jeena sikhate hai aap
Happy Teachers Day
Teachers Day Gift Ideas for Sir 2016

Guru Brahma; Gurur Vishnu;
Guru Devo Maheshwara;
Guru Sakshat Para Brahma
Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha.
Happy Shikshak Diwas
Aap se hi seekha, aap se hi jaana,
Aap hi ko humne guru hai mana,
Seekha hai sab kuch Aapse humne
Shiksha ka matlab aap se hai jana.
Happy Teachers Day 2016
Adhi’āpaka divasa tuhāḍē upadēśa rāha…
Tuhānū śē’ara gi’āna… Kē’ara lai…
Pi’āra tuhānū śāvara.. Tuhānū baṇadī hai…
Viśava dē vadhī’ā gurū… Dhana gurū divasa!
Dhana adhi’āpaka divasa salāma
mera master mere desh ka bhavisye bnata hai
wo kuch aisa krta h jispe hme hmesha naaz rhega
unki danto me bhi ek sneh hota or dikhta h siksha ka sanchaar
Teachers is a persone
Who always Help everyBody
to get the intelligence and always stand
Beside the student When they have any problem

2016 Teachers Day Status For FB

teachers day which is celebrated on 5th of September every year.you can use all of these to show your respect and gratitude towards your respective teachers and enjoy the teachers with the below hd images. share these beatifull hd images and wallpapers on Facebook , Twitter and Google plus.Get the best offers here from the site and go here we are presing many best ideas of gifts on this auspicious occasion of Teachers Day. 


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