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Raksha Bandhan 2016 SMS Malayalam Rakhi Wishes Quotes Shayari

Raksha Bandhan 2016 SMS Malayalam Rakhi Wishes Quotes Shayari: Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016. Raksha Bandhan is an Indian Festival Which is Usually comes on Shravan Month. this festival celebrate every Indian people. Raksha Bandhan coming on 18 august 2016. Raksha Bandhan celebrate is a Sign of Love Between Brother and Their Sisters. This Festival Celebrate Every Indian People, Indian People Celebrate this Festival to the given Time By Astrologers we called that Auspicious moment (Muhurat). This festival Celebrated in Full moon Light Called (Purnima). Raksha Bandhan Known as Rakhi Because this day People celebrate Rakhi ceremony with their sisters. Raksha Bandhan 2016 coming on the last of August month. Raksha Bandhan  The festival seeks to mythology in the old History like King Bali and Vishun Laxmi the Story Began from The king wished to sacrifice cascading of heaven. for this the Dev Raj Indra was scared and he was goes to Bhagwan Vishnu and he tell him every thing about Raja Bali’s Wishes and after than Bhagwan Vishnu goes the Bali’s  Palace in Vanman Avatar  King Bali reached the Panhandle. He slaughtered the three initiatives in land and asked for alms.
Sacrificial Shukradev Guru Vishnu holding recognized as the Brahmin and the sacrifices made to think about but not to turn from their word Danvendra King Bali three steps donated land. Vamana at a pace as God in heaven and the other steps taken to measure the earth. Where to keep the third leg? Was slaughtered in front of the crisis. If he plays his commitment to the wrongdoing. Eventually he turned his head and said third step ahead of God, keep my head. Lord Vamana did so. Keeping feet he reached the abyss public. When Bali goes in abyss he pray for the Vishnu From their and when Vishnu happy from her devotion. Vinshu Said Bali to Boon. Bali wish to Vishnu wants  every time front of him and Vishnu become a gatekeeper of King Daanvendra Bali. after this news Laxmi are Scared and she talk ab out this with Narad and Narad said to laxmi tie the Rakhi to King Bali. Laxmi Tie the Rakhi to King Bali and IN gift she Released her Husband Vishnu from there. So mythology said the Rakhi Began here.

Raksha Bandhan 2016 SMS Malayalam

Raksha Bandhan the Festival of Love Between Brother and Sisters. The Raksha Bandhan Festival Celebrates Indian Family and Their Children and Elder People with their Sisters. By The Way People Not wait for Raksha Bandhan Like Friendship Valentine and others Festival but When Raksha Bandhan Comes Every one is Happy and Specially the Women Girls. Because she have a chance to Demand the Gifts from their Brother. Raksha Bandhan Festival the Indian People organize the special Prayer (Pooja ) On This Day. Sisters Pray for her Brothers Long life she Wish to God for the Success of Her Brother and Brother also pray for his Sisters Success and Long life From the God that’s Because we are say this the festival of Love between brothers and Sisters.

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Rakhi Quotes And Shayari For Sis

Raksha Bandhan 2016 coming this month on 18 August 2016. Rakhi Wishes Quotes and others Shayari SMS in all Language here Download Rakhi Messages Wishes Quotes and wish you’re Btrother Sisters this Raksha Bandhan Festival.Raksha Bandhan 2016 coming on This month celebrate Raksha Bandhan Festival with your Friends Brother and Sister. the Festival of Love . Raksha Bandhan Basically an Indian Festival But Now a Days the Different Faiths People Celebrating this Festival too. Raksha Bandhan Festival is the Festival where Sister Tie The Knot of  Rakhi in Their Brothers Hands and She Expect the Protection of her life from their Brother in the Sense of in her Problems. Raksha Means Protection and Bandhan Means Bond that Means The Bond of Protection is the Meaning of Raksha Bandhan. The Protection of his Sister From her Problems. Raksha Bandhan Festival Every One Celebrate Raksha Bandhan Festival with full of Enjoyment and Fun. Brothers Give Vaious type’s Gifts to his Sister on Rakhi. we Have the Rakhi Festival’s Shayari and SMS for you. 

Shayari Quotes SMS

May this Rakhi brings everything t0 uh

and fuhllfill uh’r dreams and desire,
May suhccess acc0mpany y0uh in every step that y0uh

take in uh’r life.
Have A W0nderfuhl Raksha Bandhan!!

Special Sister’s Rakhi Greeting
T0 A W0nderfuhl And L0ving Br0ther
Wh0 gvs L0t 0f Happiness
Peace And Pr0sperity T0 Y0uh
0n This luvly Rakhi Bandhan dy
And In The Future T00..


Rakhi iz d c0mbinati0n f 5 meaningful w0rds.
R: r00ck str0ng relati0nship
A: acceptnce all al0ng
K: kindness 2 the c0re
H: heartwarming presence
I: idealiztic relati0nship,
Happy Raksha Bandhan !!


uh are a darling sistr
uh are l0ving & gentle
actuly, ol d g00d things in d w0rld,
But 0ne thing that I am pr0ud 2 say.
uh are my little sistr & am pr0ud 0f uh & will always be….
Happy Rakhii!!


uh nevr $ay 9, uh nevr $ay dat$ imp0$$ible

and uh nevr $ay uh can’t. dat’$ my br0,

a $uprman wh0 make thing$ p0$$ible &\

wh0 make path$ $m00ther. I l0ve uh Br0.
Happy Rakhii !!


Dearr Br0dr, while tying dis Rakhi,
I pray t0 G0d f0r uhr peace,
happiness and pr0sperity.
A warm & l0ving pers0n lyk
uh deserves d bst 0f lyf.
Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan 2016 Shayari

You can Send these SMS Shayari to wish Your Sister Raksha Bandhan Festival. The Rakhi Festival’s All Shayari and SMS Quotes for you Download and Share with your Brother and Sister this Rakhi’s Latest SMS and Shayari. Wish him/her Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 with these Quotes SMS and Shayari download and Send. The Raksha Bandhan Festival an Indain Festival and the Birth of Raksha Bandhan from India. Celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2016 with lots fun and Enjoyment. Wish every one Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016.


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